July Articles 2012

John W. Myrna, (2012),"A rolling stone gathers no moss: prevent your strategic plan from stagnating", Business Strategy Series, Vol. 13 Iss: 3 pp. 136 142, Copyright © Emerald Group Publishing Limited 

Kimberly M. Lukaszewski, Dianna L. Stone, (2012),"Theory and research on social issues in organizations", Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 27 Iss: 4 pp. 324 – 329, 

Copyright © Emerald Group Publishing Limited 

June Articles 2012

(2011),"Sustainable leadership: Leading business, industry and local government towards a sustainable future", Strategic Direction, Vol. 27 Iss: 2 pp. 5 - 8,Copyright © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Stephen Denning, (2012),"From maximizing shareholder value to delighting the customer", Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 40 Iss: 3 pp. 12 - 16,Copyright © Emerald Group Publishing Limited 

May Articles 2012

O'Regan, N., Ghobadian, A. (2010), A serial successful strategic transformer of businesses, An interview with Anthony Habgood, Chairman of Whitbread plc, Reed Elsevier plc and former CEO and Chairman, Bunzl plc, Journal of Strategy and Management, Vol: 3, No.1, pp.72-78, Copyright © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Gary Getz, Joe Lee, (2011), 

Why your strategy isn't workingBusiness Strategy Series, Vol. 12 Iss: 6, pp.303 - 307,

Copyright © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

April Articles 2012

George P. Moschis, (2003) "Marketing to older adults: an updated overview of present knowledge and practice", Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 20 Iss: 6, pp.516 - 525

Doug Randall, Aaron Harms, (2011) "Using stories for advantage: the art and process of narrative", Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 40 Iss: 1, pp.21 - 26

March Articles 2012

"Nerves of steel in global challenge, ArcelorMittal's push and pull strategy"Review,Strategic Direction,Vol.27 Iss:11,pp.5-

© Emerald Group Publishing Limited.


Steve Newhall, (2011) "Preparing our leaders for the future", Strategic HR Review, Vol. 11 Iss: 1, pp. 5 - 12, © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

February Articles 2012

Gayle C. Avery, Harald Bergsteiner (2011) "Sustainable leadership practices for enhancing business resilience and performance" , Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 39 Iss: 3, pp. 5 - 15

January Articles 2012

"Back to the future: IBM, McDonald's and Google reinvent themselves: How three of the most admired companies changed at different speeds" (2011) Strategic Direction, Vol. 27 Iss: 9, pp.6 - 9 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

James Richards, (2011) "What has the internet ever done for employees? A review, map and research agenda", Employee Relations, Vol. 34 Iss: 1, pp.22 - 43 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited


December Articles 2011

Granit Almog-Bareket, (2011) "The missing component in MBA programs", Management Decision, Vol. 49 Iss: 10, pp.1600 - 1611 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Simon Mezger, Maurice Violani, (2011) "Seven basic strategic missteps and how to avoid them", Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 39 Iss: 6, pp.19 - 26 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

October Articles 2011:

Who Murdered Strategy? , By: Robin Speculand, Chief Executive at Bridges Business Consultancy Int. Pte Ltd, Singapore.Journal of Strategic Direction, 2011, Volume 27, Number 9, Pages 3-5 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

What do we mean by talent management?,By: Carole Tansley, Professor of HR Innovation at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK. Journal of Industrial and Commercial Training, 2011, Volume 43, Number 5, Pages 266-274 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

September Articles 2011:

Indulgent parsimony: an enduring marketing approachBy: Kenneth Alan Grossberg, Professor of marketing and strategy at Waseda Business School, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan and the founding director of the Waseda Marketing Forum. Journal of Strategy and Leadership, 2011, Volume 39, Number 2, Pages 36-42 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Diversify your teams and collaborate: because great minds don't think alike,By: Yair Holtzman, Worldwide Trade Partners, White Plains, New York, USA and Johan Anderberg, Medical Arts Office Services, Inc., Port Washington, New York, USA. Journal of Management Development, 2011, Volume 30, Number 1, Pages 75-92 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

August 2011 Articles:

Developing talent intelligence to boost business performanceBy: Alice Snell, Vice President at Taleo Research, Dublin, California, USA. Journal of Strategic HR Review, 2011, Volume 10, Number 2, Pages 12-17 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 

"Doing" strategy By: Jonathan Pugh, Darden School, Atlanta, Georgia, USA and L. Jay Bourgeois III, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Journal of Strategy and Management, 2011, Volume 4, Number 2, Pages 172-179 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 

July 2011 Articles:

Interview with Jessica Pryce-Jones, CEO of iOpener Interview by Juliet Norton. Journal of Strategic Direction, 2011, Volume 27, Number 4, Pages 32-35 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 

Knowledge factories: from iPhones to iHotels - How marketing is being chaped by new technologies  Journal of Strategic Direction, 2011, Volume 27, Number 1, Pages 7-10 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited. 

June 2011 Articles 

Leadership development in a global environment: lessons learned from one of the world's largest employers By: Anne Schwartz, Vice President of Global Learning and Development, UPS, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Journal of Industrial and Commercial Training, 2011, Volume 43, Number 1, Pages 13-16 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.  

The art of rapid, hands-on execution innovation By: Anssi Tuulenmäki, Chief Innovation Activist at MIND in Helsinski, and Liisa Välikangas, Professor of innovation management at Aalto University School of Economics. Journal of Strategic & Leadership, 2011, Volume 39, Number 2, Pages 28-35 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.



A leader's guide to radical management of continuous innovation - 

The online_connection_transforming_marketing strategy by Lisa Harris, Senior Lecturer in Marketing based at Southampton University School of Management, Southampton, UK and Alan Rae, Managing Partner of AI Consultants based at Newick, UK. Journal of Business Strategy 2010, Volume 31, Number 2, Pages 4 - 12, ©Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Getting_the_social_media_on_your_side  general review: Journal of Strategic Direction, 2010, Volume 6, Number 2, Pages 6 - 9, © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Training strategies for an aging workforce by Sergio Koc-Menard from Industrial and Commercial Training
2009, Volume 41, Issue 6, Pages 334 – 338 ©Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Marketing the downtown through geographically enhanced consumer segmentation by Emily Anderson, Chuck Chakrapani, Tony Hernandez from Journal of Place Management and Development 2009, Volume 2, Issue 2, Pages 125 – 139 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

How tangible is your strategy? How design thinking can turn your strategy into reality by Matthew Holloway from Journal of Business Strategy 2009, Volume 30, Issue 2/3, Pages 50 – 56 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Transformations in Canadian Health Systems Leadership: An Analytical Perspective by Dr. Graham Stewart Dickson from Leadership in Health Services 2009, Volume 22, Issue 4 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Exploring and learning from the future: five steps for avoiding strategic surprises by Doug Randall from Strategy & Leadership 2009, Volume 37, Issue 2, Pages 27 - 31 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

The strategic development of high potential leaders by Robert M. Fulmer, Stephen A. Stumpf, Jared Bleak from Strategy & Leadership 2009, Volume 37, Issue 3, Pages 17 - 22 © Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Altering, recompiling, systematic or programmatic copying, reselling, redistributing, publishing or republishing of the articles without explicit permission in writing from EMERALD is strictly prohibited.

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